Offer healthy options for your reception catering

Offer healthy options for your reception catering and make your wedding super memorable. Couples are more health conscious than ever. Incorporating healthy meal options has been the latest catering trend. You can ensure that your guests have the energy and the gusto to dance and mingle the night away instead of remaining sluggish in their chairs by simply being mindful of the menu.

A healthy splash of color

Fresh fruit is an ideal way to offer up a fresh and tasty appetizer, perfect for a vegetarian course. Consider the flexibility of fruit kabobs. Incorporate some fluffy cream cheese dip or yogurt dips if you want to include as a part of your dessert buffet.

Seafood beauty

Memorable hors d’oeuvres include some excellent seafood options. Consider having shot glasses filled with layers of red lobster trifle and green edamame. Alternatively, you can use some fresh tuna tartare and spicy green wasabi for a bold and colorful option.

Kiosk stations

Mingling is the name of the game at any great cocktail hour or reception. Providing your guests with numerous opportunities to visit and chat is perfect when you incorporate food into the occasion. Create some interactive culinary delight by having a few designated stations such as:

  • Crepe Station with fresh fruit
  • Carb Central: think spinach dip and home baked bread or homemade crackers
  • Hummus and Fresh Veggies
  • Tubers and Roots: a twist on traditional potato chips, this station features equally crunchy and delicious choices with a variety of tantalizing dips
  • Frozen Yogurt: have dishes of coconut, nuts, fresh berries and whipping cream
  • Ceviche Bar: a variety of fish options served in cones
  • Sushi Station
  • Thai Salads & Skewers: chicken and pork skewers with peanut sauce and some delicious noodle salads packed with fresh peppers will be healthy and colorful
  • Salad Station: Organic greens, bean salad, quinoa…the possibilities are endless
  • Cheese and Grapes

Saving and savoring

By incorporating more fresh foods and veggie options, you may find that you will be saving quite a bit on your catering bill. Going antipasto style can give guests a bunch of tasty options instead of one heavy meal. This way they can pick throughout your reception; keeping themselves full while preventing a bunch of wasted food.

Delectable dessert buffet

Fruit sugar is just as pleasing for the sweet tooth and chocolate is a proven antioxidant. You don’t have to serve dry, boring cake for dessert. Consider a naked cake if you are tired of inch thick fondant icing. Skip cake altogether and opt for a buffet including brownies, cupcakes and doughnuts instead. Requesting that the caterer use healthier flour choices including coconut flour or whole wheat can easily help your guests ingest more fiber and nutrition without many of them even realizing it.

A cookie bar is popular and pie and ice cream is always a great option. Consider edible flowers, DIY sundaes or a frozen yogurt bar. Homemade juice popsicles can be gorgeous and colorful and can easily incorporate edible botanicals.

Organic spirits

If you prefer to be as organic as possible, consider the benefit of organic wines, juices, beer and spirits. Continue to offer healthy options for your reception catering by including your beverage selection. Your guests will remember how much effort you put into your entire menu for years to come.

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