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About All-Inclusive Weddings by Table Decor

All-Inclusive Weddings & Events by Table Decor and More is a Catering, Wedding and Event Planning, Design and Decoration company that takes you through the entire production of your wedding or social function from beginning to end. We are unlike any other wedding or event business in Charlotte or the surrounding metro region for the fact that we handle every aspect of your occasion from initial planning to post-event breakdown.

Over the years, we’ve purchased nearly everything needed to stage unforgettable functions ranging from lavish galas to cozy weddings. This means that — in most instances — we are the only company our clients deal with through the entire planning and staging process. You save significantly by consolidating your business with us and eliminating those budget-busting multi-vendor mark-ups and rental fees.

While the financial benefits of working with us are significant, the real key to our is success is we’re really good at what we do. Whether you’re envisioning an elegant, intimate affair or a rollicking, grand celebration, expect nothing less than fabulous when you work with All-Inclusive Weddings & Events. We specialize in details, which makes it easy to love any event we design.

Whether you’re planning a party in your home, a large venue wedding, a corporate social function or anything in between, we’d love to sit down with you and discuss how we can make your celebration an unforgettable occasion. Our events are flawless, our style timeless and our service matchless. It’s your special day, and we will make it marvelous.


Hello, I’m Jerri Patterson, owner of Table Decor and More, and I’d like to share with you a brief history of this labor of love and marriage. Please keep reading and learn a little more about us.

I started this company (simply named Table Decor at the time) in 1996 with my mother, Lou Collins. Before going into business, she and I had attended several weddings for which she had made specialty linens. After seeing first-hand that there was a demand for beautiful wedding linens, we did a bit of research and discovered that they were in short supply and sometimes simply couldn’t be found. As a result, we put our heads together and Table Decor was born.

We produced beautiful linens in colors, prints, sheer and glitters — all the varieties that were so difficult to find. We rented them not only to the public, but to many rental stores as well. Our niche business became very successful and over time we were providing linens and chair covers for an ever-increasing number of brides.

I loved my work and almost certainly would have continued right along if I hadn’t noticed something crucial. So often, mistakes were being made in other areas of our clients’ weddings due to miscommunication between vendors — the florist had no flowers for the baker’s wedding cake, the baker’s cake was delivered before the rental company’s tables were set-up, occasionally items the brides had ordered from a vendor wouldn’t show up at all. I realized that if there was a single company to handle all aspects of these events, everything would be much more efficient, saving a great deal of time and anguish for the poor brides.

Certain that I could fill the need, I purchased the linen business from my mother (who was ready to retire anyway), renamed the company Table Decor and More and went shopping. I assembled everything a bride would need to have a perfect wedding, purchasing items ranging from tables and chairs to plates, flatware and glasses to our huge centerpiece collection. I followed that with hiring the best staff in all areas — Catering, Photography, Floral Design, Wedding Cake, DJ and more.

I’m delighted to say that my gamble has paid off just as I knew it would. At this point, we have designed and staged hundreds of successful All-Inclusive Weddings & Events throughout the Charlotte metro region. Without a doubt this is my life’s calling and I feel so fortunate that I get to do something I truly love. I don’t think I will ever retire.