Five reasons to consider a spring wedding

Spring weddings have always been popular. In fact, for a very long time spring was the most popular season to have a wedding. While other times have gained ground in this regard, many couples are still drawn to spring for a great variety of reasons. Here are some of the key factors that make […]

Consider these great gift ideas for your bridesmaids

It’s traditional for brides to give a small gift to their bridesmaids to show appreciation for the assistance and loving support they have received for the wedding. These gifts need not be expensive, they are simply meant to be a token of your feelings. The ideal thing to do is give something that your […]

Tips for planning your wedding catering menu

A lot of planning goes into almost every aspect of a wedding, and one of the things that will have to be decided is the food for the reception. Creating the perfect menu for all of your guests can be challenging, but as part of our all-inclusive package Table Decor and More will work […]

Saving Money On Flowers

I have made a promise to myself that I would blog at least every other week to try and give brides some great tips on saving time and money. This weeks tip is on using flowers in arrangements. As we all know, wedding flowers can be one of your biggest expenses, but there are […]

Simplify RSVP Cards

RSVP and seating arrangements can be such a hardship on brides. To avoid confusion on the RSVP cards, I suggest numbering the back of them and doing a corresponding sheet to match them to. Say card #1 is for John & Mary Adams and it is for only the two of them. Alphabetize a […]

Seating Chart Solutions

Oh the headaches and loss of sleep over assigned seating. This is normally such a chore. I do believe we have a SOLUTION. What I have suggested to my brides is that they seat bridal party & their dates, parents and grandparents at the tables closest to them. If they have other close family, […]