Create a reception space for guest messages

We have all experienced the flurry of excitement that surrounds a wedding. Oftentimes, there are so many people in one location, it can be difficult for the bride and groom to mingle with all of their guests. Many times the older guests as well as those with younger children end up leaving early and this [...]

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5 reasons why you need a wedding planner

While Etsy and Pinterest make everything look stunning and easy, even the most DIY savvy will benefit from hiring a wedding planner. Do you really feel up to the endless lists, trips all over town to secure items and flowers and ensuring you are getting the best bang for your buck? Let’s face it, many [...]

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10 delicious vegetarian wedding entrees

For reasons of health, conscience and/or environmental concerns, many people are eating less meat these days and increasingly they are even opting to go fully vegetarian or vegan. This is creating greater numbers of veg couples who find themselves facing the challenge of planning acceptable meatless menus for their wedding receptions. Some guests will no [...]

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The top wedding colors for 2016

The hottest wedding colors for the coming year are out and they are stunning. If you are lucky enough to be a 2016 bride, the possibilities for creating a romantic extravaganza are practically endless. The perfect mix of bold and muted shades means that there is a wedding palette suitable for everyone. Periwinkle Blue: This [...]

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Hoekstra-Munroe Wedding

The Couple: Stephanie Hoekstra & Robbie Munroe Their Story: Stephanie and Robbie met four years prior to their wedding, on their first date in New York City. ​Their relationship has grown over many common interests, including a shared love for playing ice hockey, rescuing dogs, and eating a whole lot of cheese and chocolate.​ Robbie [...]

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Top tips for your wedding bouquet

Choosing your bouquet can be a lovely way to incorporate some sentimentalism into your ceremony. But, did you know that traditionally brides carried flowers down the aisle to ward off evil spirits? It’s true -- not to mention silly -- but regardless of the origins, most people envision a bride carrying wedding flowers or a [...]

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Allers-Segura Wedding

The Couple: Christina Allers & Esteban Segura Their Story: Christina and Esteban met at a mutual friend's birthday party on April 27, 2012. Their first date was dinner at P.F. Chang's. They subsequently dated for a year and seven months, and then Esteban popped the question. Christina recalls, “Esteban proposed after we finished eating Thanksgiving [...]

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Drapery can transform your wedding decor

Settling on the decor for a wedding and reception can either be the most fun and intricate part of the planning process or it can potentially unleash one’s inner Bridezilla. Some people can imagine and visualize their wishes in great detail within their own minds, but cannot articulate these dreams to others very clearly. Enter [...]

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