Top tips for your wedding bouquet

Choosing your bouquet can be a lovely way to incorporate some sentimentalism into your ceremony. But, did you know that traditionally brides carried flowers down the aisle to ward off evil spirits? It’s true -- not to mention silly -- but regardless of the origins, most people envision a bride carrying wedding flowers or a [...]

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Allers-Segura Wedding

The Couple: Christina Allers & Esteban Segura Their Story: Christina and Esteban met at a mutual friend's birthday party on April 27, 2012. Their first date was dinner at P.F. Chang's. They subsequently dated for a year and seven months, and then Esteban popped the question. Christina recalls, “Esteban proposed after we finished eating Thanksgiving [...]

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Drapery can transform your wedding decor

Settling on the decor for a wedding and reception can either be the most fun and intricate part of the planning process or it can potentially unleash one’s inner Bridezilla. Some people can imagine and visualize their wishes in great detail within their own minds, but cannot articulate these dreams to others very clearly. Enter [...]

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The latest trends in wedding foods and catering

Wedding foods have evolved dramatically over recent years. Gone are the days when you knew what to expect from the wedding catering when you showed up. Traditional buffet suppers are becoming less dominant as more couples choose to offer more family friendly finger foods. Offering them at various food stations strategically placed throughout your cocktail [...]

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Simple choices to upgrade your wedding reception

By carefully choosing some key items of high quality, you can transform your wedding reception into a grand affair. Here are some easy ways to use common accessories to upgrade your reception and make you and your new spouse feel like a king and queen for a day! Tantalizing tablecloths Long gone are the days [...]

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10 things you should do on the morning of your wedding

For brides who have made the decision to plan and direct their own weddings, the morning of the ceremony can be a frantic race to get ready while dealing with the last minute details of the wedding and the reception. If the bride is having a particularly unlucky day, she might even have to deal [...]

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10 tips for more fun at the wedding reception

So much time can be spent preparing for the perfect romantic wedding ceremony that the reception suffers in comparison. This definitely isn’t what you want when you consider that the reception is by far the longer, more interactive event on your wedding day. Plus, think about it this way: The ceremony is the joining of [...]

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