Offer healthy options for your reception catering

Offer healthy options for your reception catering and make your wedding super memorable. Couples are more health conscious than ever. Incorporating healthy meal options has been the latest catering trend. You can ensure that your guests have the energy and the gusto to dance and mingle the night away instead of remaining sluggish in their [...]

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10 delicious vegetarian wedding entrees

For reasons of health, conscience and/or environmental concerns, many people are eating less meat these days and increasingly they are even opting to go fully vegetarian or vegan. This is creating greater numbers of veg couples who find themselves facing the challenge of planning acceptable meatless menus for their wedding receptions. Some guests will no [...]

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The latest trends in wedding foods and catering

Wedding foods have evolved dramatically over recent years. Gone are the days when you knew what to expect from the wedding catering when you showed up. Traditional buffet suppers are becoming less dominant as more couples choose to offer more family friendly finger foods. Offering them at various food stations strategically placed throughout your cocktail [...]

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Sweeten your wedding reception with desserts

Could there be a better way to indulge in the sweet celebration of two individuals uniting as one than having a scrumptious dessert buffet at the wedding reception? We can’t say for sure, but our sweet tooth loves the idea as much as our heart does. Having a full range of desserts will allow you [...]

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Tips for planning your wedding catering menu

A lot of planning goes into almost every aspect of a wedding, and one of the things that will have to be decided is the food for the reception. Creating the perfect menu for all of your guests can be challenging, but as part of our all-inclusive package Table Decor and More will work with [...]

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