Engage Your Guests To Keep The Wedding Reception Rolling

Engaging with your guests and making your event entertaining are key components of a successful social function -- especially a memorable wedding reception. The team at Table Decor and More wants to help you customize your wedding and reception to keep the energy up throughout the night. Offering your family and friends a variety of spaces within your venue to gather and [...]

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Tips For Honoring Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding

A milestone family gathering for a wedding and reception is an exciting time -- it can also be an emotional time when a key member of the family is missing from the event. The desire to honor your dearly departed at your ceremony or reception is natural. However, many couples are unsure of how to incorporate a [...]

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Delightful Outdoor Weddings for the Fall Season

One of the great things about deciding on a wedding theme and hiring a professional wedding and event company to deliver it is the fact that we have all the finishing touches you crave. Whether ornate candelabras will enchant your tables or strings of lights are more your style, our full-service planning and staging resources at [...]

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Table Decor and More: Personalizing Your Party is Our Specialty

Everyone wants a memorable wedding ceremony and reception. Having a perfect day that meets your dream wishlist while remaining affordable is possible when you hire the right wedding planning and staging team. Table Decor and More has a multitude of enchanting options when it comes to your catering menu, flowers, live entertainment, decor, music choices and everything in between. [...]

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Floral Free Centerpieces

If flowers seem synonymous with wedding table decor to you, we understand. Typically, a floral arrangement is the centerpiece or most recognizable element on a formally decorated table. However, some people don't care for fresh cut flowers due to their expense and/or allergy aggravating pollen. Artificial flowers may be an option -- but couples often spend just as much [...]

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Tempting Tablescapes for Every Occasion

Putting on the Ritz for your next big event is easier and probably a lot more fun than you might think. All of your upcoming weddings and events (from corporate functions to fundraisers to family reunions) can be stunning when you hire an experienced party planner to transform your hopes into reality. Hiring Professionals to [...]

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Hottest wedding trends for 2016

The hottest wedding trends for 2016 go beyond color and style choices. Modern brides and bridegrooms are increasingly customizing their day and you may be in for a few pleasant surprises if you are attending a wedding this year. The unplugged wedding In response to our new habit of experiencing life through our phones and [...]

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Tips for managing your wedding guest list

An engagement is a blissful time of effortless communication between a couple, planning details while holding hands at every appointment and lovingly compromising on every detail… Uh, yeah, sorry but we’re laughing too hard to finish this sentence. What say we just take a deep breath, forget the Hollywood version of wedding planning and get [...]

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Create a reception space for guest messages

We have all experienced the flurry of excitement that surrounds a wedding. Oftentimes, there are so many people in one location, it can be difficult for the bride and groom to mingle with all of their guests. Many times the older guests as well as those with younger children end up leaving early and this [...]

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The top wedding colors for 2016

The hottest wedding colors for the coming year are out and they are stunning. If you are lucky enough to be a 2016 bride, the possibilities for creating a romantic extravaganza are practically endless. The perfect mix of bold and muted shades means that there is a wedding palette suitable for everyone. Periwinkle Blue: This [...]

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