Delightful Outdoor Weddings for the Fall Season

One of the great things about deciding on a wedding theme and hiring a professional wedding and event company to deliver it is the fact that we have all the finishing touches you crave. Whether ornate candelabras will enchant your tables or strings of lights are more your style, our full-service planning and staging resources at Table Decor and More can save you time and money.

Of course, if you want to spend your weekends driving around from place to place trying to source all the items you need for your wedding and reception, then by all means…enjoy yourself. However, if the idea utilizing a one-stop shop for every need appeals to you, you definitely need to check out what Table Decor can offer.

Fabulous Fall Weddings

Enjoying the outdoors is a lovely option for any time of year, but it seems particularly appropriate in fall. Embrace the lovely autumn backdrop and bright fall mums that are blooming in golden and warm shades now. Incorporate pumpkins and squash, straw and scarecrows for a vibrant fall garden celebration. Table Decor has a myriad of decor and catering options to help you completely realize your outdoor vision.

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Warm Hearts, Warm Drinks

If the air is going to be crisp in the evening, perhaps gathering around a campfire can be a focal point of your outdoor wedding and reception. Be sure to have some delicious hot toddys available and include non-alcoholic favorites like hot chocolate to keep family members cozy while you say “I Do” under the stars.

Creative Illumination

Table Decor has plenty of lighting options to pull together your nighttime garden theme. However, we absolutely adore it when we see the exciting DIY options that can be incorporated into a theme. For instance, you may want to have fun with your wedding party creating unique lighting for the head table. Here’s a cool idea that might strike your fancy.

Hard-shell gourds, sometimes called calabash gourds, are some of the world’s first cultivated plants. They are harvested from their vines in the fall and then air-dried for several months. When a gourd is fully dry inside and out, it forms a woody shell that can be cut with simple tools.

  • Cultures all over the world fashion hard-shell gourds into vessels or musical instruments. Here, we’ve turned them into festive outdoor lanterns, using a drill to create patterns for light to shine through. Hard-shell gourds develop a coating of dirt and mold as they dry out. You can buy them already cleaned, but you’ll save a lot of money by cleaning them yourself. Begin by soaking the gourd in a bucket of water for about 10 minutes. The gourd will want to float, so turn it occasionally to keep all sides wet.

  • Then, use a scrubbing sponge to remove the grime. It should rub off with medium pressure. If you find an area that’s difficult to scrub clean, try letting it soak a bit longer. If your gourd has a stem, you can scrub the grime from it as well. Allow the gourd to air-dry.

  • NOTE: The gourd will have some natural discoloration even after cleaning. Full details at Makezine

table decor wedding planner coordinatior reception packages decorations events charlotte nc

To complete your DIY project, you might want to get the entire wedding entourage together for a gourd painting party. It’s a great way to have fun and make lasting memories while you create your personalized lighting decor for the big event.

Let Us Realize Your Vision

Table Decor and More has been planning and decorating unforgettable weddings and events for years. If you purchase an all-inclusive wedding package from us, the planning and coordination of your wedding and reception will be taken care of without any stress on you. Our lead designer is a Certified Special Events Planner (C.S.E.P.) who will make sure that your big day is everything you hoped for and more. Call us at 704-823-7806 or use the Contact form on this page to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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