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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a Certified Special Events Planner? What’s the difference?
A: Yes. To become a C.S.E.P. you go through an extensive training program that teaches you how to plan events effectively. As a C.S.E.P., I know how to harness inspiration and formulate ideas that will make my events enjoyable and successful. Typically, non-certified event planners just organize your function and hire outside vendors to do all the work. Then, they collect a flat fee and/or a percentage for every service rendered. That’s the polar opposite of our all-inclusive way of working here at Table Decor and More.

Q: What happens to the leftovers after an event?
A: North Carolina Health Codes require that leftover food be disposed of properly, which means we are responsible for throwing it away. However, you are welcome to bring a small picnic basket with containers with lids to carryout leftovers. Note that we are not responsible for any food that leaves the facility.

Q: Do you have different packages to choose from?
A: Yes, and they all start with a base of required services. The remainder of the package is custom designed by the client and Table Decor and More.

Q: If I don’t need everything you offer can I just select the services I want?
A: Yes and No. Some services are available a la carte, but our business model is based on selling packages that serve the majority of our clients. Your best bet is to call for specifics.

Q: It’s a relief that you basically supply everything I need. But, if I do go somewhere and find something I like, can I incorporate it into my event?
A: It really depends on what it is. For the most part, virtually anything you might find we probably already have or can reproduce for you. For example, if you come across a  recipe for a dish at your wedding reception, we will be more than happy to prepare it for you. If you see a spectacular floral arrangement, take a photo and we can easily re-create it. The main thing is to bring your wishes to our attention so we can address them.

Q: Help! The wedding has been called off! What now?
A: Sadly, this does happen. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit at the time the contract is signed. We do not book multiple events, so once we receive a deposit for a particular date, other callers requesting that date are turned away. Payments are set at intervals, according to the event date. For example: an event booked on Mar. 1 for Oct. 11 requires a 25% deposit, then 3 more payment of 25% are set for May 20, Aug. 1 and Oct. 1 for the final installment. All monies paid are non-refundable because the closer we get to the event date the less likely it is that we can re-book following a cancellation. If your event is postponed, all monies minus the amount spent on perishable items (i.e. food, flowers) will be held toward your new event date.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: We take checks, money orders and cash.

Q: I don’t know what I want. Can you help me decide?
A: Absolutely. The initial planning is the cornerstone of our business. We will work with you to make the entire process a piece of cake.

Q: What other companies do you hire?
A: We contract with a few outside vendors with whom we have negotiated discounted rates to get you the best price. The fees for these services will be incorporated into your package.

Q: Who will clean up after the event is over?
A: Table Decor and More does not provide general clean-up services, except for the kitchen area. However, everything we bring in we also carry out. Sweeping, vacuuming, trash pickup, etc. is not provided unless specifically stated in writing in our contract.