Hottest wedding trends for 2016

The hottest wedding trends for 2016 go beyond color and style choices. Modern brides and bridegrooms are increasingly customizing their day and you may be in for a few pleasant surprises if you are attending a wedding this year.

The unplugged wedding

In response to our new habit of experiencing life through our phones and other electronic devices — and then instantly uploading everything we capture for the whole world to see — many couples are requesting that their guests stay “in the moment” and off their personal technology.

Copper, rose gold and metallics

A shimmery trend this year is to sparkle and radiate all the way down the aisle. Bridesmaid dresses and table decor are catching the sunlight and candlelight with bold fabric choices. Warm champagne, gold and bronze or copper shades are dominating. Watch for matching cake icing, rustic lanterns and corresponding glitzy touches.

Boho botanicals

Ethereal, earthy components are bringing many couples back to nature this year. Incorporating large leafy swags as chair decorations is quickly replacing formal chair cover rentals. Bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces can be seen with tons of greenery, bark, moss, evergreen branches and herbs. Floral accents may or may not be involved. Popular greenery choices include: smilax, magnolia leaf, and maidenhair ferns. Couples are tired of breaking the budget on their flowers and this green option can be equally as stunning.

Natural hairstyles

Think beachy waves, tousled softness, simple twists and demure, loose curls. The days of princess buns and severe chignons as the standard up-do have been replaced. Many brides are opting to keep their sweeping locks down this year.

Memorable vs. traditional

It is important that your wedding stands out in a way that truly reflects you both. Think customized cufflinks representing each family’s origin as opposed to standard, plain metal. Consider a his-and-hers customized cocktail and some beer or wine instead of blindly purchasing the needs of an open bar.

Vintage vignettes

This year transcends past chalkboard handmade signs and lacy burlap vase wrappings. Couples are using old desks, cabinets and antique elements to incorporate a timeless style. Historic paintings, stationery and signage infused with botanical and animal detailing are rounding out the décor. Having wedding dresses of Mom and Grandma on display from either side of the family adds a touch of whimsy and creates a spectacular feature. Stuffing trunks with botanicals as your cake table or up a typewriter for a personalized note section offers unique photo opportunities splashed throughout the venue.

Colored wedding dresses

One of the hottest wedding trends for 2016 includes wearing wedding dresses that are anything but white. Think pastel prints or exciting patterns all the way to soft robin’s egg blue or delicate blush. Ditching the ivory, cream and white tones is something to consider when you are trying on gowns. Stepping out of your comfort zone may help you find a gorgeous gown you never previously considered.

Summertime popsicles

Incorporating your signature drink as a fun popsicle can be cool and refreshing. This is a cool and colorful way to offer non-alcoholic drinks as well. Using edible blooms and fresh fruit and delicious juices can provide an eye-catching treat. Incorporate Jell-O if bold colors are your wish.

Food for thought

Whether you decide to serve hot dogs and hamburgers, have a pizza party or opt to recreate personalized sensations from your family recipes, the latest trend is to move away from the days of banquet food dominating the event. Likewise, naked cakes and stained glass hand painted cakes are being supplanted by serving color coded doughnuts instead.

Weddings and receptions promise to be extra special this year. Getting back to nature and utilizing individual talent promises to transform the entire event from seating arrangements to lighting and everything in between.

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