Let a professional handle the details of your wedding

On the day of your wedding, you should be laughing with your bridesmaids, getting dressed in your beautiful bridal gown and thinking about just one thing: the beloved man or woman you’re about to marry. What you shouldn’t be doing is fretting about the logistical details of the day or worrying over any loose ends that might need sorting out. Planning a wedding on your own is a major undertaking that can lead to stress and unhappiness for you and your fiance. Some people discount the importance or need for hiring a wedding planner. The following are reasons why you should leave the details of your big day to a professional service like Table Decor and More.

Sanity saver

Hiring a wedding planner will help you avoid a huge amount of stress. It is important to remember that the time leading up to your wedding should be fun and enjoyable, not stressful. However, this most likely won’t be the case if you do all of the planning and managing of the logistics on your own. When you work with us, here at Table Decor, all you have to do is set your budget and tell us what you want and what you don’t want. We’ll handle all the stressful details, while you and your bridal party enjoy the search for the perfect wedding dress.

Professional organizer

The entire process of planning and staging a wedding and reception requires a large degree of organizational skill and experience. With the experience and technical know-how of the wedding planner, everything will fall into place much more smoothly. This is because a professional service like us understands and knows what to do when and where.We have well-documented procedures in the form of appointment schedules, checklists, minute-by-minute timelines and itineraries. This will save you the headaches and exhaustion associated with taking on more than you can handle.

Vendor schmoozer

For a wedding to take place, you will have to make a lot of purchases that may include catering, wedding decorations, tables and chairs, flowers and entertainment just to mention a few. With Table Decor’s unique all-inclusive service, you won’t have to worry about selecting multiple vendors to handle these things. Many of your needs will be handled in-house using our own materials. For any remaining details, we will coordinate directly with the vendors and oversee their work.

Crisis averter

The last thing you want to hear on your big day is that an important vendor or supplier is running late. To prevent this from happening and causing a crisis, you will want to delegate this problem to the wedding planner. At Table Decor, since we are coordinating all the vendors we stay on top of everything until it is exact. When there is a last-minute crisis, we’re great at creating a backup plan on the fly. Typically, one that works so well that you don’t even realize that there was a problem.

Budget advisor

Hiring a wedding planner will not only help in relieving stress and unhappiness prior to and on the wedding day, but it will also help prevent over-spending. This is especially true when you work with Table Decor and select one of our packages. We price everything out for you in the beginning and make sure it all stays within your budget. There are no cost-overruns so you get exactly what you paid for (and almost always a little bit more) at the price you were expecting.

In summary, you can have a stress free wedding by hiring Table Decor and More and allowing us to produce your special day from beginning to end. Call us at 704-823-7806 or use the Contact form on this page to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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