Table Decor: Putting on the Ritz

Once your venue has been secured for your wedding and reception, the planning really begins. Transform a tiny banquet hall or an expansive, open field with the help of a qualified wedding and event staging company like Table Decor and More. Unforgettable soirees such as the one in the photo above are a cinch when you have professionals handling every detail.

Furniture and Theme Rentals

Some people are skipping the formal linen rentals in lieu of placing their money elsewhere. Consider incorporating some love seats, elaborate chairs, chandeliers, pillars, wall sconces, archways, trellises or oversized candles instead. Opulence can be achieved in a multitude of ways. DIY savvy folks can easily incorporate matching table runners and chair sashes with the help of a glue gun and some imagination.

Rental Obligations

Prior to hiring any party event rental service, the following questions from outline the specifics to consider. Be sure you understand all of your responsibilities and time rental commitments ahead of time.

The essential questions to ask

  • Are you licensed and insured?

  • Have you worked events at our ceremony/reception venue(s) before? (A very important question, especially for tent rentals!)

  • Can we view item selections before renting?

  • Will we be able to view actual rental items from your supply, or will we be shown samples?

  • Will we be able to contact you on the day of our event? (Get the name and cell phone number of an in-charge person in case of problems and needed solutions.)

  • Are setup and delivery fees included in our order? Or are they extra?

  • What are delivery charges for our locations?

  • How much is required for deposit?

  • When is deposit due? (Most companies require a non-refundable deposit, roughly equal to one-third of the total rental package price. This amount is usually due when you book your rental items.)

  • When is final payment due?

  • Which methods of payment do you accept?

  • When will our rented items be delivered to the venue? Arrange for a time that allows setup without pressure, at least several hours before your event starts.

  • Will delivery workers bring all rented items inside the venue and set everything up? Or do you offer ‘tailgate service’ delivery, wherein the company just drops off your rented items in a driveway or at the venue entrance, leaving you to carry everything inside and set up yourself?

  • Will someone instruct us on how to operate the rented item? (Especially key for lighting rentals.)

  • When will delivery workers return to collect all rented items after the wedding?

  • How do we prepare rented items for pickup? Do we have to clean dishes, glasses, flatware first, or do we load dirties into their crates?

  • How will rented chairs need to be arranged for pickup? Some companies require you to fold chairs closed and some require sliding them into padded delivery bags in which they came.

  • What are the costs and details in case any items are broken or lost?

  • What is your cancellation/refund policy? Get more details at Bridal Guide

table decor more wedding reception event planner charlotte nc

Eye-catching Appeal

Remember, many guests will be spending the majority of their time at the table eating, visiting and enjoying the scene. Keep them engaged by incorporating color in a unique way. Colored glassware is a hot rental item. Aqua blues, seacoast greens and vivid purples add some pizzazz to traditional stemware.

  1. Reach High Break up the long, narrow tables with height. This will give your tables some dimension. Be creative: Alternate between ceramic vases and candlesticks.

  2. Balance It Out Consider the space. Oversized windows need to be balanced out. Longer tables are the perfect solution for giving more depth to a bare room and keep it from feeling cold.

  3. Play Up Shapes Don’t settle on round, standard plates. Let the place settings work together by mimicking the table’s shape. And make a subtle point by using sharp sides.

  4. Run Long Elongate the table by working the middle zone. Add texture by layering a graphic runner over a solid tablecloth. If you aren’t into doubling up on linens, then let your centerpieces step in.

  5. Disperse Details Rectangular tables have a lot of space to fill. (No pressure!) The trick here is to keep in mind that not every inch has to be covered. Prevent this potential color overload by using accent hues in a couple of strategic spots, like on the ballroom chair cushions, lining the middle of each table with tall candlesticks and on place settings by way of the menu or place cards.

When to Use Banquet Tables: High ceilings. Tall windows. Massive floor space. You’ve fallen head over heels with a room that needs some filling. The solution (yes, there is one!): Stretch your tables. Set these long, lean shapes in organized rows or in a U-shaped formation. Watch how the lines of color saturate your party room. Read more at The Knot

Maximize Your Ambiance

table decor more wedding reception event planner charlotte nc

Catching the light throughout your event will reflect on the overall mood. If you are going for serene and relaxed, ensure that no overhead fluorescent lights need to be relied on. Lamps, disco balls, candelabras, hanging crystals, LEDs back or overhead light strings are simple options to incorporate. Delicate white or clear Christmas lights or homemade Edison bulb strings can be used to create an extra glow. Paper lanterns, paper bag or ice sculpture tea light holders are excellent options for illuminating an aisle, dance floor perimeter or smoking lounge. Be sure to use battery operated flameless tea lights to maximize safety.

Organizing a wedding requires an enormous amount of time and energy. Hiring a professional to plan your day offers tremendous peace of mind. Imagine meeting with your planner and making a few decisions and then enjoying your engagement while everything is handled for you.

If you work with Table Decor and More this is just what you can expect. Our all-inclusive wedding packages include planning, decorating, catering and more. We can even hire the photographer, book the DJ and arrange limo service. All you have to do for your wedding is show up. Call 704-823-7806 or use the Contact form on this page to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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