A trio of wedding tips to save you time and money

Here at Table Decor and More, we love to share great wedding tips that help our brides save time and money. These three ideas are some of our favorite suggestions.

1. Our first tip concerns your floral arrangements. As we all know, wedding flowers can be one of your biggest expenses, but they also make one of the biggest statements. When doing large arrangements for the church or venue, ask for large flowers that take up space without being too expensive.

Hydrangeas and lilies are great for this. If you need a colored hydrangea, ask to have the white hydrangea ordered and they can be sprayed with floral spray to match any color you want. A white hydrangea will cost your florist about $1.50, whereas the green or red can cost as much as $5.00 — before they mark it up to charge you. By using large blooms, you will have a beautiful arrangement at half the cost of smaller flowers.

2. Dealing with RSVP cards and seating arrangements can be such a headache for brides. To avoid confusion on the RSVP cards, I suggest numbering the back of them and then creating a corresponding master list to match. Let’s say card #1 is for John and Mary Adams and it is only good for the two of them. Alphabetize your sheet with the name of the guests, the number on the back of their card and how many guests the card covers.

This way, if John and Mary send back a card that says four attending, you can call them (or have your planner do it) to explain that the invitation only allows for two guests. This will help you keep your guest numbers in line. Also, since some people do not fill out the RSVP card with a name, with the number on the back you will still know who replied and can proceed accordingly.

3. Oh, the headaches and loss of sleep that can come from dealing with assigned seating. This is normally such a chore. However, we believe we have a good solution for you. What we suggest to our concerned brides is that they seat the bridal party and their escorts, parents and grandparents at the tables closest to them. If there are other close family members, they can be assigned seating at the next closest tables.

For everyone else, we suggest putting all the names in a hat and drawing out enough to fill each table. This allows and encourages your guests to meet and speak to new people, find out where everyone is from and share how they know you and your spouse. To help break the ice, we sometimes place a different printed question on each plate and encourage each person to pose it to the other guests at the table. This is an easy way for your guests to learn about each other and have a bit of fun, while taking a huge burden off of your shoulders.

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