Unforgettable Natural Decor: Let Nature Provide the Wow Factor for Your Outdoor Ceremony

In a new trend, couples today are adamant on encapsulating their essence and showcasing their personalities throughout every aspect of their wedding and reception. Letting nature’s beauty provide your delightful background is the ultimate for imaginative, contemporary couples.

I think the day really represented both of us; it was fun, relaxed with good food and music. It had all the people we cared about together, and was one big party! via BoHo Weddings

Providing your guests with an exquisite experience means thinking differently — Get inspired and be creative! Think about what really speaks to both of you and incorporate it into your decor. Have fun with your wedding party and family members creating something gorgeous you can utilize as a keepsake for years to come.

If getting married in a location which is filled with natural beauty such as on a lake or in the mountains is something that sounds appealing to you, then you already fell in love with the backdrop and its magnificence and realize its significance; but here we will give you a few more benefits of an outdoor wedding for your consideration.  An outdoor wedding venue located in a naturally beautiful setting means less cost, time, and stress spent on worrying about picking out and planning your wedding decorations – as the location is the main decoration! You won’t need many floral centerpieces when you have luscious greenery or a sparkling waterfront location where pictures turn out with breathtaking results. via The Lakehouse of Birkshires


beach wedding

Taking advantage of their venue’s waterfront locale, Noelle and Patrick gathered together their friends and families on the beach, where they exchanged vows with their toes in the sand. The pair let the scenery speak for itself by keeping the decor simple, adding but a driftwood wedding arch to the end of the aisle.

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Creating a memorable photo opportunity or backdrop for your wedding venue can be as simple as looking at your natural surroundings. Flowers, twigs, rocks, grasses, pinecones, sea shells, log rounds, beach sand…you name it! Where can you infuse your new initials or love quotes? Get your glue guns and your girls and your groom ready for some artistic expression!

Coastal Wedding planner


“Love, through the trees, past the sky,
Beyond the northern lights
You will see my delight…”- B.E.P.

Regardless of where your outdoor ceremony is to be held, Table Decor & More Wedding planners has a phenomenal selection of wedding linen and decor to compliment your ideas. We can work with you to find the perfect balance of your expression while still understanding your budget. Contact us to discuss your dreams

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