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wedding centerpieces in charlotte nc

Wedding & Event Centerpieces in Charlotte NC

Centerpieces are instrumental in tying together the look of the table settings for your wedding reception or event. They are also the key item that connects each table to your overall theme. Our lead designer at Table Decor and More is a Certified Special Event Planner (C.S.E.P.) with plenty of experience in this area. As part of our all-inclusive design services she will discuss centerpiece options with you and help you make the ideal choice.

The centerpieces you select will drive the plans for each table — dictating, for example, the best linens to use. Common centerpiece varieties to consider are florals, candles and themed decorative pieces. One point to keep in mind regardless of the type you choose is the size of the centerpiece, as this will affect the size of the tables you need as well as the number of guests you can seat around each one.

The centerpiece shouldn’t be so small that it has no impact, but if it’s too large there may not be enough room to easily place other important items such as place cards, china and flatware. You want to avoid creating cramped tables for your wedding party. Your guests should be delighted by the centerpieces on the tables — not annoyed by the amount of space they are eating up.

Similarly, the height of the centerpiece also needs to be considered. If you choose something thin like a beautiful candle, it won’t be much of an issue. The same might be true if you select a tall centerpiece where the flowers or decorations are above the typical field of vision. However, an eye-level centerpiece that is visually dense will prevent your guests from seeing and engaging with one another.

The possible combinations of centerpiece types, themes, color schemes, and sizes are countless so our designer can easily help you create a centerpiece that reflects your taste. What’s more, you don’t have to break the bank to impress — less expensive but lovely and creative designs can always be prepared with a little planning and our decorative expertise.

For more information about our wedding and event centerpieces, call us at 704-823-7806. To see examples visit our wedding and event centerpiece gallery.

Table Decor and More is an all-inclusive wedding and event services provider. We do not offer centerpiece services separately, but only as part of a package purchase.

Let your imagination loose for your centerpieces

If you want your wedding reception to be just as unforgettable as your ceremony, you need to know that properly decorating your reception venue is a great way to start. Although deciding all of the decor for your venue can be a bit overwhelming, a great way to get started is by choosing your centerpieces.

Your centerpieces can make a major statement. Plus, if you let your imagination loose, you might be surprised by what you can come up with for these awesome table decorations. Here are a few ideas that can help you get started.


As you certainly already know, flowers are the most popular item for use in reception centerpieces. This is so for a reason. They are a great way to add a pop of color and cheer to each of your reception tables. Consider using flowers that are similar to the ones that were used to decorate your wedding venue, or opt for seasonal flowers. Doing so can help you both save money and celebrate the season.

Other aspects of nature

Don’t assume that flowers are the only aspects of nature that you can use in your centerpieces. You can do all sorts of fun and funky things with greenery, sticks, pine cones, sand, seashells and more, depending on the time of year and the theme of your wedding. Head outdoors for inspiration. You might be surprised by what you find that you can use in your centerpieces.


Candles can help set the mood for your reception, especially if your event is very formal or if it is being held later in the evening. You can use tall candles to create a very impressive display, or you can use tiny tealight candles that add beauty without the candles taking over the look of your centerpieces. You can also try different candle holders in different colors and heights for an added look.

Thrifty items

Don’t be afraid to go thrifty with your centerpieces. The local dollar store is a great place to find decorative stones, inexpensive candle holders and other items that can be used effectively in your centerpieces.


Consider implementing fabric into your centerpieces. Pretty pieces of colorful or patterned fabric can be placed decoratively in glass jars, for example, for a pop of color that doesn’t cost much at all. Fabric can also be used for table runners and other aspects of your wedding reception centerpieces.


Glass is always a favorite for centerpieces, but consider getting creative. For example, mason jars are all the rage for centerpieces in weddings nowadays. Small mirrors can also be used to reflect light, make your tables and centerpieces seem larger and create a dramatic presentation.

Ribbon and lace

Consider the many ways that you can use ribbon and lace to create a stunning display. They can be wrapped around candle holders or vases, or they can be draped elegantly on the table around the centerpiece. The uses are endless with a little creativity.

There are plenty of other materials that can be used in your wedding reception centerpieces. We will work with you to come up an idea that you are sure to love. The key is to just let your imagination run free and don’t worry about convention.