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Event & Wedding DJs / Bands

Music can enhance almost any event and for weddings and parties it’s practically mandatory. Whether the theme of your wedding reception or event calls for a multi-piece swing band, a partytime DJ, an elegant string quartet or a harpist, Table Decor and More has a preferred booking roster to meet your needs. Just think, no more of your own time spent finding, auditioning and contracting entertainment. That’s the beauty of an all-inclusive package from Table Decor.

Our lead designer is a Certified Special Event Planner (C.S.E.P.). She will work closely with you in the beginning to plan an event that reflects your taste and style. Once you’ve approved the concept and design, the choice of entertainment will be easy to determine. We will contract directly with the act and secure them for your reception or event.

Our artists are seasoned professionals with great musical abilities and excellent people skills. They want your big day to be as unforgettable as you do and will be as accommodating as possible with your special requests. All the necessary equipment is provided so you don’t have to worry about a thing. The dancefloor will be full all evening as you and your guests enjoy everything from Top 40 to standards to the most popular line dance tunes.

For more information about our wedding and event DJ/band/soloist services, call us at 704-823-7806.

Table Decor and More is an all-inclusive wedding and event services provider. We do not offer DJ/band/soloist services separately, but only as part of a package purchase.

Keep your reception on its toes with a good DJ or band

Although your guests are probably looking forward to spending time with you, your new spouse, your family members and your friends at your wedding reception, they may also be looking forward to doing a little dancing and listening to a bit of music. Therefore, to ensure that everyone has a great time at the reception, you will want to have a good DJ or band to help keep the music going. These are a few ways that choosing the right DJ or band will help your event go as well as possible.

Provide the perfect background

Wedding receptions change their moods pretty quickly. From quieter moments like the first dance to everyone talking and laughing as they become more comfortable throughout the evening, a good DJ or band will keep the appropriate variety of tunes playing in the background. You and your guests’ enjoyment of the evening will be even greater with the perfect soundtrack.

Get everyone dancing

Who doesn’t love dancing? Plus, dancing after sitting down for a long wedding and possibly after eating a meal can be great exercise. For this to happen, though, you will need the right music playing as an enticement. A great band or DJ will make sure that it is. You might even be surprised to see who heads to the dancefloor, ready to have a ball.

Encourage mingling

If you have a mixed group of guests who don’t really know one another very well — perhaps you have invited a lot of your family members and also have a number of friends present — you could be worried about how you will encourage everyone to meet, mingle and get to know each other. Lucky for you, providing music is a great way to help people get comfortable. It can encourage conversation about the songs and artists being played, and your guests might even want to hit the floor for a few dances together.

Encourage romance

Love is in the air and lots of people meet at weddings. If you have guests who you think would be matched perfectly together, why not encourage it a little bit by having the band or DJ play a few slow songs? It’s a great way to get your guests to pair up and get to know one another. Who knows, you might help a beautiful new romance blossom on your wedding day.

It’s clear that having the right band or DJ for your wedding music is important. Whichever you decide to present is more about your personal style and budget than anything. The main thing is that you are providing a great soundtrack to your reception and encouraging everyone to have a wonderful time.