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Wedding & Event Catering

The wedding and event catering services provided by Table Decor and More will surpass your highest expectations. Our staff of professional wedding caterers want you to have the best, most memorable day of your life. In the beginning, we plan with you, step-by-step, every detail of your reception theme, decor and menu.

At its heart, a reception is a collection of smaller special experiences that, when done well, combine to create an extraordinary occasion for a newly married couple. It all begins with the grand entrance and then there’s the first dance, the champagne toasts, the wedding cake, the exquisite decorations and the faces of all your loved ones who have gathered to share your joy, wish you well and indulge in your wedding feast.

Your reception guests may not be able to recall the details of your wedding dress or the remarks of the best man or the maid of honor, but it is a certainty that the food will leave a lasting impression. That’s why you only want to work with a caterer of our quality.

Whether the plan calls for an intimate celebration for family and close friends or an extravaganza for up to 300 guests, we will work with you to customize your menu and tabletop presentations. Table Decor will fully realize your theme through food preparation, site presentation and service staffing. Your only job is to be at your event soaking up every wonderful detail.

Our affordable pricing is made possible by the all-inclusive nature of our business. For less than you’d expect, we provide our expertise that comes from catering hundreds of successful receptions and events. We will help you find an event venue (if needed) and design your theme.

Your catering menu will reflect your style and choice of environment. Your preference may be a simple buffet luncheon or an elaborate sit-down dinner. Either way, your guests will enjoy delicious cuisine made from the freshest ingredients and served with an outstanding presentation.

We know that we have been successful when the bride and groom are able to relax and enjoy their once in a lifetime day. It’s a gift that every couple can give themselves by hiring Table Decor and More to oversee the catering and other needs of their special day.

For more information about our wedding and event catering services, call us at 704-823-7806. To see examples of our catering services visit our wedding and event catering photo gallery.

Table Decor and More is an all-inclusive wedding and event services provider. We do not offer catering services separately, but only as part of a package purchase.

The caterer is your MVP at the reception

While there’s no question that you and your spouse are the most important people at your wedding reception, your caterer deserves to be high on the list as well. Taking care of everything associated with the food is one of the most important jobs at the reception. These are a handful of reasons why.

Food makes people happy

After a long day of enjoying your wedding and an evening of dancing, mingling and having a good time, your guests are probably going to be starving. There’s a good chance that you, your new spouse and your wedding party will all be really hungry as well. If no food is offered, people are sure to be hungry and disappointed. That is not the recipe for a great wedding day.

Service is a key ingredient

Not only is having food at your wedding important, but it’s also crucial that it be served for maximum enjoyment. A good caterer will ensure that everything is hot or cold (as appropriate), fresh and delicious. They will also make sure that there are food warmers, serving platters and other necessities available to present and maintain your food in the best possible manner.

Accommodating guests

There is a chance that some of the guests at your wedding will need a bit of accommodation. For example, some guests might be unable to go through the buffet line to get their own food. Others might have certain dietary restrictions or preferences. For example, they might keep kosher or be vegan. Without the right caterer, it might be left up to you to accommodate these guests, which is a headache you don’t need when you are trying to enjoy your wedding.

Preventing allergy issues

Some people are extremely allergic to nuts, shellfish and other common foods. A good caterer will ask about guest allergies and work to ensure that no food is contaminated if there is a concern. They will also make a point to mark any foods that contain common allergens, just as a good precaution. The main thing you want for you wedding reception is for everyone to have a good time. A good caterer will do their part in this.

From setting up to breaking down and serving lots of delicious food in between, the caterer can provide you with so many great services that help your wedding reception go perfectly. The professional catering staff at Table Decor will be your MVP throughout your entire event.