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wedding photographer in charlotte nc

Wedding Photography Charlotte NC

Under the direction of Table Decor and More your wedding day is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Even so, you don’t want to rely on your memory to recall all of the wonderful moments. You will want to have every highlight captured in a photograph. This is why our professional wedding photographer works by the event and not by the hour. We want to capture your special day from the time you’re getting ready to your walk down the aisle to all of those special moments at the reception. To accomplish this, the photographer arrives 2.5 hours before the ceremony begins and remains at the reception as long as you do. There’s no limit on the number of shots that are taken.

Keep in mind that in addition to the wedding day photos, we can put together a photography package for you that includes engagement pictures, pre-event wedding dress shots, special location shoots and more. Just let us know your wishes and we will be happy to customize a plan for you.

Approximately six weeks after your wedding, you will be provided with a flash drive containing all of your shots. We will give you the copyrights to the photos, so you can choose which ones to print and in what sizes. Our the years we have found that giving our clients complete control of this process yields excellent results and can save them hundreds or even thousands of dollars. While there are a number of professional labs that can print your photos, we recommend for their excellent quality and service.

As a bonus service, we will upload your pics to a Flickr account where they can downloaded for free by you or anyone you allow.

For more information about our wedding and event photography services, call us at 704-823-7806. To see example photos visit our wedding and event photography gallery.

Table Decor and More is an all-inclusive wedding and event services provider. We do not offer photography services separately, but only as part of a package purchase.

Enjoy the benefits of a great photographer

We think it’s important that you have a professional photographer to document your wedding day. If any old picture is worth a thousand words, then your wedding photos will be worth a lifetime of conversation. Your wedding album will be treasured for decades and by future generations. It is a visual summary of the vast love between you and your spouse and of the ceremony that was held to share it with your loved ones. Leaving this epic task to family and friends just won’t do.

Capturing those special moments

Because your wedding photographer is a trained professional, they have done this many times and know all the ins and outs. Which lens to use? What’s the best exposure? Where’s the best place to stand to catch the ideal shot in just the right light? Where someone else may be too embarrassed to step into the aisle to capture that perfect shot of you walking toward the altar, your wedding photographer will only be thinking of doing the best job for you. You don’t want to miss photos of any vital moments because Uncle Ted didn’t snap the picture in time.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though — by all means you should encourage your family and friends to take photos. Some of the best pictures of your wedding day will be those candid I-didn’t-know-Aunt-Sue-was-standing-there kind of shots. They will reflect your unguarded, un-posed self. However, don’t set yourself up for disappointment and put an undue amount of responsibility on your guests by relying on them to capture everything you want to have a photographic record of. As noted, that’s what professional photographers are for.

Decide what you want

There can be a great deal of flexibility in the services that photographers offer. Your job is to decide what you want. For some couples, it’s important for the photographer to come to the house or hotel prior to the wedding to capture the “getting ready shots.” Others only want want photos of the ceremony and some group shots taken immediately after. Then there are those who want the photographer to stay through the entire reception. All of these options are available, you just have to figure out what is important to you so the plan can be coordinated with the photographer.

The other thing to settle prior to the wedding is a checklist of moments within the agreed upon timeframe that you absolutely must have photographed. This can easily be planned with the photographer, who — as a wedding professional — will already know most of the things you’re looking for. For example, the first married kiss, the first dance, cutting the wedding cake — these are all common must-haves. Still, there may be elements of your big day that are personally important to you (individually or as a couple) that an outsider wouldn’t perceive the significance of. Planning these shots with the wedding photographer ahead of time will ensure that everything is covered.

The most important thing is that you are able to relax and enjoy your wedding day. Having a professional to handle the photography will definitely help with this.